Monday, March 15, 2010

Twinks Get Wet and Wild

An afternoon of unleashed gay Asian passion just isn’t complete without a spray –or several– of delicious gay Asian piss, and these three twinks know how to get themselves, and each other, wet. Albert starts the show as he pulls away from the kissing threesome to pee on Stan and Lee, soaking Lee’s clothes and the bed. The eager sucking soon starts drawing out more piss as the trio create an oral chain. Albert pees once again, this time tasting his own salty juice, while Stan pees into Lee’s open mouth. The bareback begins as Stan enters Lee, who laps at Albert’s sausage.
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Twinky Taste Testing

Pattaya is a town of many tastes, and there’s plenty to lick, lap, and love when Arthur and Jimmy retreat to their own private room for a bit of gay Asian buffet. Jimmy has to wait a while for his sampling to begin, though, because Arthur has tied him up with packing tape, and has placed a piece of it over Jimmy’s mouth for good measure. Jimmy writhes as Arthur kisses and strokes his captive twink, revealing an eager and juicy tool. Arthur sucks at Jimmy’s cock and at his ass, then dumps a cup of yogurt over Jimmy’s sweet coconut buns for extra flavor.
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mister Muscle Man

Steve Cruz & Craig Reynolds
Craig Reynolds is standing on a lighted platform flexing his substantial muscles. He poses, flexing his giant chest, massive arms and meaty legs. He turns around and flexes his giant back and muscular ass. He faces front again and begins to rub his hands up and down his body, pounding his fists on his biceps and pecs. He starts rubbing his crotch and his cock grows larger through the mesh posing strap. Steve Cruz walks into the scene, naked with a raging hardon obviously turned on by the muscle stud standing before him. Steve caresses his bulging muscles as Craig continues to pose. Steve starts servicing Craigs hard dick and his sloppy, wet cocksucking finally breaks Craigs trance as he bends down to kiss Steve. Craig then sucks Steves throbbing hardon with reckless abandon. Steve lies down on the platform and Craig squats down over Steves face, his massive ass and thighs straining as he squirms in ecstasy. Steve pulls apart his muscled ass cheeks and plunges his tongue deep into Craigs puckered hole. When Steve gets his fill, he flips Craig over on all fours with his ass in the air. The hairy stud rims the muscle mans hungry hole to get it ready to be filled with hard cock. Steve fucks Craig, his ass cheeks rippling as they get pounded. Craig rolls over on his back and Steve holds one of his meaty legs over his shoulder so he can slam the muscle stud hard and deep. Ecstatic Steve looses his never-ending load and Craig soon follows spraying all over his hot abs. CLICK HERE

Dr. Twink’s Creamy Enema

The doctor’s blood pressure equipment may be the first thing out of his bag, but his taste for gay Asian medical exams quickly takes over the show. Exploring Jimmy’s cute coconut buns and inspecting his sweet boycunt, Dr. Twink turns up the heat by giving his patient a soothing milky enema, and watches as Jimmy squirts the contents of his love tunnel into a bucket, along with a urine sample. What Dr. Twink might do with the fluids later on remains a mystery –for now he’s content to be showered with strokes and kisses from his grateful patient, who seems to be feeling better already.
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Gay Golden Pee And Massage Combo

The stage looks set for an afternoon of wet and wild fun as Jed and Albert strip to their underwear for a long massage with plenty of baby oil. Starting on Jed’s back, Albert gets his horny twink ready for action by soothing his muscles from head to toe, finally licking and sucking Jed’s delighted feet. Albert finishes off his treatment with a long relieving piss on Jed’s sweet round coconut buns, filling his partner’s mouth when he turns over for a taste. After soaking the bed, Albert gets his firm tool expertly sucked by Jed’s eager mouth.
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Medical Anal Probe

This vulnerable brown patient’s tender buns are parted, and Dr. Twink liberally applies lubricant to prepare for a satisfyingly sexy procedure. After sinking his meat into his patient’s waiting boycunt, the doctor slowly bareback fucks his twink from behind as the pair discovers that getting immediate medical attention feels even better than advertised. The camera pulls in close as Dr. Twink’s probe finally spills its hot load and withdraws for a little rest on doctor’s orders.
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The Uncut Cock

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Calling Doctor Twink

The good doctor has been known to get into some risky business with his delicious twink patients when the come into his office, but he can be even more forward when making house calls. That’s what this bedridden patient discovers when Dr. Twink arrives on the scene with his bag of naughty twink treats. After checking his patient’s blood pressure and applying some bandages, the patient finds that certain places, when kissed and rubbed, make everything feel all better.
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Gay Feet Masturbating

These greased up Asian twinks are still on bed playing with their cocks while one sucks, kisses and licks the other's foot. Taking those lovely feet the dominant twink clamps them over his cock and uses them to fuck his dick. The boys rim and 69 before the top stuffs his bare cock in his buddy's horny boy-hole. The bottom is loving his anal massage so much he gets the top to take his ass from numerous positions.

Dynamic Duo of Hard Friction!

Conner Habib & Danny Tagger
Young, hairy Conner Habib is making out with boy next door Danny Taggart. Conner wants cock and finds it in Dannys jeans. He slurps and spits while Danny slaps his eager cocksucker on the face with his rock hard tool. Conner pushes Danny down on the couch to get his own cock sucked. Conner fucks his face and until he decides he wants a taste of Dannys ass. He tongues his hole and licks his hairy ass until its Dannys turn at Conners hot hole. Danny spit lubes Conners hairy hole in preparation to fuck it. Conner wants his hole filled and lets Danny know how bad he wants it. The energy is high and the talk is nasty as the boys fuck hard. Conner blows a truly giant load and Danny soon follows with a massive load of his own. CLICK HERE

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Asian Twink BareBack Session!

Preparing Ward for his juicy gay Asian tool, Albert fills his lover’s tight boypussy with a vibrator, while he keeps himself entertained with urgent touching and more oral attention from Ward’s eager mouth. Once the gay Asian twinks simply can’t stand the suspense any longer, they line up their love equipment for deep anal penetration. Piercing Ward with his rock-solid cock, Albert gets to work with expert pumping from all angles, filling his lover’s ass to the brim and sending waves of pleasure through both of their hard, slender bodies.
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Shiny Black Dong Getting Swallowed

Lil Slit & Smiley
Back in the kitchen of the Club Auto Shop two very naughty black boys are turning up the heat. Lil Slit and Smiley are whipping out their hot dark meat for a feast unlike any other. You're going to love seeing them chow down on each other's cocks and tight holes before finishing things off with a creamy cum facial dessert. This one-on-one is destined to fulfill your apetite for yummy action. CLICK HERE

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ravishing Rod Barry

Take a look at this dude. Badass Ravishing Rod Barry gets a good tugging from his lover. What an awesome scene!
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Gay Asian Assgames

When twinks get together for a romp in the sack, there’s plenty of fun to be had but turning the entertainment up a notch with a nasty gay Asian fucking game or two can’t hurt. Lee and Gardner decide to get creative with their bareback adventure, taking the camera along for a wild ride. The twinks start off their show with passionate kissing as the golden dreamboys tumble around the bed. Shy Lee goes to work on Gardner’s eager cock, tempting his partner to flip around for a nice facefuck and a bit of indulgent sixty-nining.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Top And Rear Entry Point

Albert and Ward meet for a long and delicious session of gay Asian boy-on-boy action, escaping the busy Boyztown traffic to take it inside. And that’s exactly what they do, enjoying their fresh brown bodies in every way imaginable while the camera eats it all up. This afternoon affair to remember starts off with some lazy nipple sucking and stroking that quickly gets naughty when the guys get stripped to their underwear and tease their cocks with visits from their warm, wet mouths.
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The Three Twinketeers!

These three asian twinks are soooooo delicious! Every inch of their body gives a palatable sensation to whoever sees them. I have the pleasure of meeting them, and i tell you…whooo boy! They say that they are shy. But damn, they can show you a helluva performance. You will never forget these asian twinks once you see them in action!!!

Big Man Rusty Stevens

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Papa Marco Rodriguez

Here's a mouthwatering hunk getting a much deserve massage with some masturbating and blowjob on the side. Wow! What a loooong pecker that is!
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